Hi! I’m a twenty-something woman living in the midwest and the evil mastermind behind this site.

Since at least kindergarten, I have always been overweight/obese. I graduated high school at 210 lbs 5’8″. Gradually I lost about 20 lbs at college simply due to a lot of campus-walking and not having as many snacks around. I halfheartedly tried a lot of diets — Weight Watchers, clean-eating, following the food pyramid, calorie counting, and of course, vegetarian. I was vegetarian for a long time but to be perfectly honest, I was much more of a carbatarian!

In 2014, I got engaged and for the very first time, I tried a low-carb high-fat diet. And it was totally different! I wasn’t hungry all the time! I actually lost weight! 25 lbs! I was FINALLY considered “normal” to the BMI! And I felt like I could do anything! During our honeymoon, I decided to take a break and just enjoy myself. Unfortunately, ever since then, I have had a rough time getting back to eating healthy and I’ve gained back 20 lbs. 😦

Once I get a streak going, I find it pretty easy to stick to low-carb. It’s just hard to get that initial oomph! it takes to start! I decided to challenge myself to a 100 day challenge. I plan to blog every day (or at least many days) so stick around if you want to follow my journey or join me in 100 Days of Low-Carb!


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